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Engineered Hardwood Flooring - perfect for Florida

Miami Carpet and Tile has pioneered the use of engineered hardwood flooring in South Florida. We've found what works... we've found what doesn't work. Our installation team and technical department have witnessed and participated in the evolution of the engineered hardwood flooring.

Today, engineered hardwood flooring is more popular than natural hardwood flooring in south Florida. This is because the construction of engineered hardwood flooring gives it qualities that natural hardwood flooring does not have. It can be installed "floated" over cement slabs or existing ceramic tile. Also, the construction allows engineered hardwood flooring to be less expensive and more resistant to moisture. It is the solution to hardwood flooring for south Florida. Under certain conditions it can be installed in bathrooms.

What Is The Difference Between Natural Hardwood Floors and Engineered Hardwood Floors?

The construction of natural hardwood flooring differs from engineered hardwood flooring. Natural hardwood flooring is constructed entirely out of a piece of hardwood. The primary hardwood used for engineered hardwood flooring is for the top layer. This top layer allows engineered hardwood flooring to have the same visual beauty as natural hardwood flooring - plus it is thick enough to be sanded if gouges or deep scratches happen. Underneath the natural hardwood layer are vertical and horizontal layers of board -which give the appearance of plywood - this is done to assure structural stabililty. The number of layers that are used for the core vary from one flooring manufacturer to another. Flooring manufacturers promoting low end products will use three layers of wood in the core. However, Miami Carpet and Tile features manufacturers who construct core layers that consist of five to seven layers of wood. These added layers of wood make their engineered hardwood flooring more durable.
Engineered Hardwood Flooring from Miami Carpet & Tile in South Florida

Engineered Hardwood Floors Can Handle South Florida's Changes In Humidity.

During extreme changes in the weather, natural hardwood flooring can expand and contract so much that it will buckle or warp. The core layer of an engineered hardwood floor gives it the ability to expand and contract without buckling or warping as natural hardwood flooring would. This means that engineered hardwood flooring is less affected by environmental conditions and can be installed in more areas than natural hardwood flooring.

Miami Carpet and Tile can install engineered a hardwood floor almost anywhere. With engineered wood, a tongue and groove locking system is used to allow the wood to be installed as a floating floor. With this system, the engineered hardwood planks are locked together. This means that the engineered hardwood flooring is installed very securely. This locking system also makes it possible to replace any individual planks which become damaged. However, before an engineered hardwood floor is installed, Miami Carpet and Tile will place a vapor barrier between the existing foundation and the new floor to prevent any possible moisture coming up through the concrete slab and penetrating the engineered wood.

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