Yacht Carpet Installation & Sales in Broward, Dade and Palm Beach Counties

Miami Carpet & Tile is South Florida's leading supplier of flooring for the boating industry in the Miami, Fort Lauderdale and Boca Raton areas. Whether it's for the bridge deck or the main salon, the crew's quarters or an outdoor space, Miami Carpet and Tile has the correct carpet for your particular application.

Regardless of where the carpet goes - from the custom wool carpets we install on ocean liners or the indoor outdoor turf we attach to run-abouts, every nautical installation is preformed by seasoned craftsmen who know the boating industry. As important as the flooring selection, proper installation is critical to the success of the job. Miami Carpet & Tile's installation department is the recognized leader in marine installations. We take the problem out of hatches and stairs. We know when to use "double stick" installation, tackless installation or loose lay situations. Don't settle for anything less than the best when it come to marine carpet installation.
Flooring for Yachts from Miami Carpet & Tile in South Florida

Ask Your Dockmaster About Miami Carpet & Tile Yacht Installations

Captains and Dock Masters from Miami to Fort Lauderdale to Palm Beach and marinas and shipyards all know Miami Carpet and Tile. Our turn-around time is the fastest in the industry, we can usually complete your project during your stop in any of our South Florida marinas. However, if you know when you're coming into port, please give us a little lead time - we can have your vessel measured the day you arrive so as to avoid delays. If your decorator has already selected the flooring, let us know the style and color and we will have samples waiting for you.

A complete selection of wool plushes to heavy nylon berbers are available at Miami Carpet & Tile. From exotic animal prints to subtle patterns, from footprint free carpets to fade resistant styles, Miami Carpet & Tile is the place for yachts. For a complete selection of better carpets from Karastan, please click on the Karastan link on the left side of our home page.

When it's time to refurbish your vessel, visit Miami Carpet and Tile.

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