Miami Carpet and Tile uses only the finest in carpet cushion under every installation. However, there is no one carpet cushion that is "the best" it all depends on your needs and wants:

Our comfort cushion (included in the price of every carpet) meets all manufacturer recommendations for durability and comfort. While it is the least expensive of the cushions available, it has specific purposes. First, it acts a barrier between the heel of your foot and the hard surface under the carpet. The cushion is designed to prevent the backing of the carpet from making contact with the floor underneath. This prolongs the life of the carpet. Second, the cushion is a vapor barrier between the carpet and the floor. It is necessary for proper vacuuming. Third, the cushion provides comfort underfoot, this carpet cushion is the "softest" and is ideal for those who perfer sitting on the floor instead of the sofa.

The best way to find what carpet cushion is best for you is to "test" it. Remove your shoes, put the cushion on a hard surface and place a carpet sample over the cushion. Walk on the carpet. Is it too soft? Is it too hard? Your feet will let you know. Don't test the cushion by feeling it between your thumb and index finger, the density, feel, and performance can only by tested by your feet.

Our step-up cushion (nominal charge) is not necessarily a "better" cushion - it is a heavier cushion which gives more support to your foot and provides a firmer feel when you walk on the carpet. Some or our customers think it is too firm, others perfer the added support. It all depends upon your individual preference. Before you make a final decision, let you feet take the "test" and decision will be obvious.

Our Karastan high performance cushion "KaraStep Reserve 2.0" is the most technologically advance carpet cushion in the industry. It is made of memory foam and has comfort retention and is ecologically sensitive. While it may not be as soft as our basic cushion, most customers feel it bridges the gap between comfort and support. It also possesses a moisture barrier to prevent any unplanned spills or accidents from penetrating into the carpet cushion causing deterioration and odor to unprotected cushions - plus it eliminates moisture reaching and settling into the base floor. Karastan "KaraStep Reserve 2.0" carpet cushion also exends the manufacturer's warranty on all Karastan Carpet.