Finding the right ceramic/porcelain tile for your home is an important decision

  • Select the right material for the job. Don't go by looks alone. You need to select a tile that will hold up for the use you want. Be sure to ask what the PEI rating is. A rating of four or higher is suitable for residential and most commercial jobs, although a rating of five is best for heavy commercial wear. A three rating is fine for light traffic areas, like a guest room or guest bath, but should never be used in a kitchen or foyer. Your sales consultant is the best person to ask about wear ratings
  • Buy from a retailer you trust. Tile is a "blind" item- just like diamonds, you can't tell the quality by looking at it. Work with a retailer who knows tile, shows it well in the store, and who has knowledgeable salespeople. Watch out for "do-it-yourself" places where the only goal is to sell as much tile as quickly as possible, or where the only person to help you is the plumbing department guy. Cheap price can mean cheap quality.
  • Make sure you have a professional installer, and a store that stands behind its work. Tile doesn't just get slapped down- it needs to be installed. Floors need to be prepared, tile needs to be installed. The installation is exacting. Don't believe it? Try doing a small closet or laundry room first, before you tackle the whole house. Your small cost for the education will save you a lot of money.
  • Pick a tile you'll like for a long time. Remember, tile will last as long as your house will. Don't get something that you think you'll like for a few years then change. Tile isn't wallpaper- it's an investment that can look as good in twenty years as it does today
  • Tile is easy to clean, but how often do you clean? If you are prepared to damp mop daily, then a high shine solid color tile might work for you. If it's more like once a week, try something busier or more rustic, so dust and hairs won't show so much. It's easy to wipe up the spills and splotches as they occur, but a variated tile means less maintenance. If you mop less than once a week, try considering a rugged look!
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