There is no "one" right carpet style for any room. It's all about how you live. The only right answer is to find a carpet style that reflects the way you live. Here are a few suggestions:

If you like a "FORMAL" look for your home - the suggestions are the same as for a tuxedo or evening gown.

  • Tailored
  • Traditional
  • Solid Color
  • Maybe an accent color or a border
  • Look for a pin-point tip definition on the face fiber
  • Look for "accent" marks as found in velvets or velours
If you like a more "TRADITIONAL" look - the suggestions are the same as a sportcoat or "dressy" look:

  • Tight dense appearance - minimized vacuum marks
  • Solid or tone on tone colorations
  • Neutral colorations - although use of more color is gaining popularity.
If you seek a "CONTEMPORARY" look for your home - the suggestions are the same as designer day wear

  • Berber styles with tight loops
  • Loop styles in a "corn row" design
  • Mid-level shag colors - goes great with leather furniture
If you want a "CASUAL" look in carpet - Easy to care for - wrinkle free

  • Twists / Freize in every color from neutral to vivid - hides everything
  • Twist / Freize the tighter the twist the more care free - solids look more contemporary.
  • Shag - the more the better. Looses pretzel crumbs, cereal, everything. If the shags too long, hard to vacuum.
And remember, even with a high performance carpet, if you choose a luxurious style for a high usage area you should be prepared to give it a little extra care.