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Installation in Dade County, Broward County and Palm Beach


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Flooring installation at the highest quality by Miami Carpet & Tile

Labor for carpet, ceramic tile, hardwood and laminate floors

Miami Carpet and Tile prides itself on it's custom installation department. Many of our installers have spent over 20 years in the business and have obtained the prestigious Karastan Installation Certification.

Before any installer is allowed to install carpet in our customer's home in the Fort Lauderdale, Deerfield Beach, and Boca Raton, Florida areas, our installation department manager does completes a background check and appraises his skill level.

Once the installer has passed the initial exam, a state background check is completed using the information compiled in the Florida Drug and Law Enforcement data base.

Miami Carpet and Tile then sends the new installation crew out with our Carpet Service Inspection Team and we are able to gather first hand information regarding their abilities.

It is not until a complete review of the installer's work, his background and skill levels, his state certification - licensing and State background check has been made that he can become a part of the Miami Carpet and Tile installation team.

Professional installation

Our "White Glove" installation begins with on-time delivery of your flooring from trained and certified carpet mechanics. True craftmanship and pride in their work makes Miami Carpet & Tile #1.

Before any craftsman begins work for Miami Carpet & Tile, we do a thorough background check. We want to make sure that they represent us in the best possible manner. Most of our craftsmen have been with us for over 10 years. The most senior of our installers began installing for us in 1982 and regularly leads training classes when new materials or supplies become available. No one who install flooring for Miami Carpet and Tile holds less than a "Master Mechanic" classification.
No matter how lovely the flooring you just picked out, no matter how high the quality, how durable the material, how luxurious, or sturdy or how right it is for you - the last person who will have their hands on it before it becomes your floor is your installer.

Poor installation can cause buckling hardwoods, bunching or rippling carpets, lippage in tile floors, moisture damage from gaps in tiles or mismatched patterns in carpet... the list goes on and on. Your new floor can end up really unattractive or worse, a trip and fall hazard. You might end up with weird bumps, mildew, and... well, you get the picture and it's not a pretty one. With a poor installation, your flooring will eventually fail. And who will guarantee the total job?

Why put yourself through that?

At Miami Carpet and Tile, our floor covering installers are continually updated in the latest installation techniques. And that's not enough! Our installers go through rigorous testing, demonstrating their installation techniques in a hands-on test to advance their skill levels. They keep training, advancing in techniques and learning the new ones as new flooring products are made.

A word to the wise

Miami Carpet and Tile does not participate in the deceptive labor practices employed by the "big box" stores. Unlike these competitors, we do not surprise you with extra charges that we consider part of a normal flooring installation.
Flooring installation in Fort Lauderdale FL

One final thought

Next time you're stopped at a traffic signal and see a Cargo Van next to you with "We install Carpet, Wood, Ceramic, Laminates, Countertops, Drapery, Garage Door Openers and Roofs - Really CHEAP, ask yourself, is this the person I want coming into my home to install my flooring? It won't be if you have Miami Carpet and Tile do the installation for you.For an in person discussion on the proper installation of carpet, wood, laminate, or ceramic tile flooring, visit the local professionals at Miami Carpet and Tile. They are available at the Boca Raton, Fort Lauderdale or Deerfield Beach location.

At Miami Carpet and Tile...All the Extras at No Extra Charge!

At Miami Carpet our prices show the complete carpet prices!

No extra charges for cushion and installation on carpet.

We never charge for estimates, normal moving furniture* or hauling away old carpet. Plus... our installation is first quality.