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In-home consultation


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In-home consultation in Dade County, Broward County and Palm Beach County

In-home consultation for a correct color, match and texture

Before our customers make a final decision, we come to your home and give you an in-home consultation where we bring samples to make certain that the colors are just right under your home's lighting.

Every carpet shows differently in every home, which is why we like to do an in-home consultation with samples. The amount of light going into each room is different. Carpets show their "true" colors when they sit next to your furniture, your walls, your windows. Miami Carpet won't settle for "almost" right. We want you to have the perfect color to match your decorating needs. To accomplish this, you need to see your carpet in your home!

Exact measuring

Miami Carpet & Tile consultants come to your home to determine the exact amount needed, planning for seams based on traffic patterns and design room layouts. We take the responsibility of doing it right.

We treat your home as our own home. We go to extra steps to hide seams under furniture and away from heavy traffic areas. We know how to align the carpet next to large expanses of windows so that the seams are the least noticeable. We know how we would want the carpet to look in our own homes- and we use that same thinking in planning your flooring layout.