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Stainmaster does not make carpet - they make the carpet fiber

Most people think of Stainmaster as a type of carpet. Actually, Stainmaster is a particular type of nylon fiber created by DuPont. This fiber is then sold to the leading carpet mills (Karastan, Mohawk, Shaw, etc) and used by these manufacturers to make the actual carpet. Stainmaster makes the fiber, the Mill makes the carpet.

The start of Stainmaster carpet...

DuPont Chemicals began making nylon in 1947 and from that time on, the carpet industry was never the same. Nylon replaced wool (because it was more economical and easier to produce) and other synthetic fibers which crushed, attracted dirt and matted rapidly. In 1986 Dupont Stainmaster® was introduced. After the introduction of nylon, it was the second biggest event to impact the carpet industry. Stainmaster was the breakthrough in carpet stain protection. While no carpet is stain-proof, the process made carpet nearly stain proof, the results were nothing short of spectacular.

In May 2004, DuPont spun off their fiber division to Coke Industries. Along with this divestiture went the Stainmaster brand name. Invista, a Coke Industries subsidiary, now owns the Stainmaster brand name. The product remains the same, only the DuPont name was dropped.

Stainmaster carpet makes a difference...

Ask anyone who's been in the carpet business, and they have put Stainmaster carpet in their homes. The reason is obvious... past customers continue to call praising the stainresistance of their Stainmaster carpet. Also, in order to get the best placements of their fibers, Stainmaster staff work closely with the carpet mills and their design staff to create the newest and freshest in carpet styles. They also spearhead many of the design forums throughout the country which project color trends. The end result: Stainmaster is the fiber to beat in both looks and performance.

STAINMASTER carpets come in a variety of stunning carpet styles and are wonderful flooring options. Besides giving a trendy appearance for the floors, these carpets improve the aesthetic value of your home. STAINMASTER carpets are quite different from conventional carpets, by virtue of their remarkable features including exclusive fiber technology and unique odor guard property.

The secret to exceptional STAINMASTER® carpet traffic performance – and one of the reasons it lasts up to 50% longer than other carpets* – is nylon 6,6, a fiber with a unique molecular structure designed for superior strength. The exceptional resilience of STAINMASTER® carpet means you are free to rearrange your furniture without worrying about lasting dents.

STAINMASTER carpets are one of the best-selling carpets today with features such as high performance, function and fashion. A unique combination of aesthetics and technology, STAINMASTER carpets guarantee lasting stain protection and durability for many years.

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